Why Surfers Need to Make Nutrition a Priority

As an avid surfer, you know how physically and mentally demanding the sport can be. To perform at your best in the water, it’s important to fuel your body properly with healthy, balanced meals and snacks. Here are some key reasons why surfers in particular should focus on smart nutrition.

Surfing is a Cardio/Strength Workout

Paddling out through waves, popping up on boards, and balancing require strong muscles and endurance. Surfers need plenty of complex carbs, protein and healthy fats to power intense sessions and recover swiftly.

Staying Fueled for Long Sessions

some lineups demand long periods waiting for waves or surfing for hours. Proper nutrition prevents hunger, fatigue and loss of focus.

Staying Hydrated is Critical

The ocean dehydrates quickly. Drinking water before, during and after surfing is crucial to prevent heat illnesses and aid performance.

Replenishing Electrolytes

Sweating depletes important salts. Consuming sports drinks or salty snacks replenishes sodium, potassium and more efficiently than water alone.

Nutrition Prevent Injury

Well-nourished athletes recover faster from strains, sprains or bruises. Lean protein, berries and leafy greens aid muscle repair and wound healing.

Protecting From Sun/Elements

Vitamin-rich foods support natural sun protection and immunity against ocean-bred illnesses like colds and rashes.

Nutrition Improves Mood & Focus

The complex carbs and healthy fats in balanced surf diets deliver steady energy levels and neurotransmitter support for positive mindset while shortboarding.

Fighting Surf Rage!

Hanger makes one more prone to last-wave-of-the-day fits. snacks prevent irritability on long sessions.

Surf Travel Considerations

Vacations away from home cooking require extra prep. Pack portable protein bars, nuts, dried fruits for aircraft, rental properties.

Respect Local Cuisine

Exploring surf towns’ specialty dishes is part of adventure – just mind sugar/fat levels for main fueled activities.

Fueling Your Surf: A Sample Daily Menu

Here’s a balanced example meal plan to keep surfers energetic yet lean:

MealFood Items
BreakfastOats, fruit, nut butter, Greek yogurt
SnackProtein bar, banana
Post-SurfSweet potato, salmon, veggies
Pre-SessionPB&J sandwich, berries
DinnerChicken, quinoa, spinach salad

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some easy surf meal prep ideas?

Batch cooked chicken/rice/veg, homemade burritos/wraps, baked fish with sides all travel well and reheat easily.

What about surfer nutrition myths?

Avoid ‘bulk up’ mindsets – lean muscle and pace fuel you optimally. Carbs are great pre/during surfing when active!

How can I eat healthy on a surf trip?

Scope out health-focused surf cafes, pack snacks and use accommodation kitchens to stay fueled cost-effectively.


Dedicated surfers know that proper nutrition sets them up for longer, stronger sessions of stoke. Fueling your body with balanced, whole foods gives you more power, endurance and recovery in the waves so you can surf at your peak performance level.

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