Timing Your Philippines Surf Trip for Ideal Waves

The Philippines sees year-round surf thanks to its location astride Pacific typhoon routes. Understanding seasonal factors helps maximise quality waves across its regions.

Northeast Monsoon (November-April)

Consistent windswell along eastern shores. Cloudbreak-like Majoy’s Peak in Siargao hits 6-8ft winter barrels.

Prime Season for Siargao

International surf camps operate. Consistent offshore winds deliver waves almost daily.

Southwest Monsoon (May-October)

Surfable along western facing beaches like Zambales. More unpredictable but occasional typhoon swells.

Season for Western Breaks

Cloudy Island’s unique right provides dryseason challenge.

Shoulder Seasons (April-May, October-November)

Unsettled weather can see hybrid swells across both coasts during monsoon transitions.

Potential for Surprises Countrywide

May dwarf typically smaller seasonal conditions.

Typhoon Period (June-November)

Storms seed long period swells, occasionally huge. Central/Northern tips best placed, like San Juan.

Specialized Storm Chasing

Requires monitoring forecast models to intercept peaks.

El Niño Winters

More frequent, stronger storms boost normally good season to exceptional.

Extended Prime Philippine Conditions

Multi-year events take surf quality to new levels across islands.

Forecast Resources

Research weather/swell models, storm trackers, local forecaster blogs for optimal timing.

Coordinate Month-Long Itineraries

Surfing multiple regions according to conditions.

Philippines Monthly Surf Guide

MonthFocus Region
DecemberSiargao, Northern Samar
JuneZambales, La Union
SeptemberSan Juan, Camiguin

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Philippines only good for experts?

No, summer swells deliver gracious waves for all levels nationwide.

What’s the best typhoon season wave?

December 2012’s Yolanda storm produced an unfathomable 100ft San Juan.

Are wetsuits needed year-round?

Summer you may find conditions too warm, otherwise a 3/2 is suitable.


With a flexible multi-location plan choreographed to seasonal patterns, surfers can dial in prime Philippine waves anywhere from beginner-friendly beachbreaks to world-class reefs through the islands’ consistent yet variable surf all year.

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