Timing Your Trip to Chicama for Perfect Waves

Renowned for its phenomenal beach break and barrels, Chicama has predictable surf seasons. Understanding peak conditions optimizes sessions at this world-class point.

Summer (December-April)

Offshore winds generate glassy 1-3m waves best suited for all skill levels. Consistent surf nearly every day.

Best Time for Beginners and Longboarders

Gentler surf and mild temperatures make Chicama’s lessons/camps most conducive.

Winter (May-September)

Heavier swells create bigger, steeper barrels for experts. Good waves still possible but surf stronger/riskier.

Season for Advanced Barrel-Hunting

World-class surf footage originates during winter challenges of 6-8ft Chicama.

Shoulder Seasons (April/October)

Transition periods feature mixing seasonal winds and swells, adding variability and surprise storms.

Less Predictable but Potentially Excellent Waves

Longer windows optimize chances witnessing Chicama at its biggest and best.

El Niño Years

Bring more frequent larger swells and extra tropical storms from late austral winter onward.

Extended Prime Barrelling Season

Multi-year El Niño cycles take surf quality up another level.

Checking Forecasts

Evaluate buoys, meteorology, wavedata metrics like central pressure changes 2+ weeks out for optimal planning.

Maximize Prime Windows

Maneuver between advancing/retreating swells factoring moon effects.

Chicama Surf Report By Month

MonthAverage Wave SizeFeature
December1-3ftSummer conditions arrive
March3-5ftSwells begin strengthening
July4-6ftPrime winter barrel months

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chicama only good for experts?

Summer sees perfect gentle waves for all. Shoulder seasons also surprise.

What’s the biggest Chicama gets?

Rare late winter El Niño storms can push barrels approaching 20ft+ with offshore winds.

Do crowds impact sessions?

Summer becomes crowded but lineups still space well. Study long breaks between sets.


With a little seasonal and swell research, surfers can plan prime Chicama missions catered perfectly to their ability during this famous pointbreak’s consistent yet varying conditions through the year.

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