The Ultimate Guide to Surfer Curtains

What are Surfer Curtains?

Surfer curtains are a type of window curtain that features fun, beach-themed designs reminiscent of surf culture. Usually made from lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton, surfer curtains often have prints of waves, surfboards, palm trees, or other coastal elements that give a room a relaxed, tropical vibe.

Bright, casual, and playful, surfer curtains are perfect for beach houses, kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, or any space where you want to add a laidback, summery style. The lightweight fabrics and breezy prints allow sunlight to filter into a room while still providing privacy.

Benefits of Surfer Curtains

There are many reasons to consider using surfer curtains in your home:

Bring the Beach Indoors

Surfer curtains are an easy way to infuse any space with a coastal, beach house feel. The fun, summery vibe transports you to warm sandy shores and peaceful ocean waves. It’s a quick and easy style update perfect for landlocked homes.

Provide Privacy in a Casual Way

Unlike formal drapes which can feel stuffy, surfer curtains provide privacy in a casual, relaxed way. The lightweight fabrics still allow sunlight to penetrate into a room, while blocking direct views into or out of windows.

Fit with Coastal, Beachy Decor

It’s easy to incorporate surfer curtains into rooms with coastal, nautical or beach-inspired decor. Their designs blend seamlessly with accent pillows, area rugs, wall art and other accessories featuring similar prints or colors.

Work in Kids’ and Teen Rooms

Surfer curtains are a fun, youthful window treatment perfect for kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, and teen hangout spaces. The playful prints and breezy style allow plenty of natural sunlight while adding personality.

Lightweight and Easy to Hang

Made from lightweight cottons and linens, surfer curtains are simple to hang on a rod pocket or rings. Their casual style means meticulous measuring and perfect draping aren’t necessary.

Allow Light In

The lightweight, breezy fabrics of surfer curtains allow sunlight to easily penetrate into a room, unlike heavier drapes which block light. This keeps interiors bright and cheery.

Provide UV Protection

Although sheer, most surfer curtains are treated with UV stabilizers. This protects fabrics from fading while also blocking harmful ultraviolet rays from entering a room.

Popular Surfer Curtain Designs

There are many kinds of fun, beachy designs to choose from when shopping for surfer curtains. Some popular prints and themes include:

Waves and Water

Curtains mimicking the look of ocean waves are a popular choice. Different shades of blue and teal as well as white are used to create crashing wave designs. These give the feeling of the ocean right in your room.


What’s more iconic of surf culture than a surfboard? Curtains showcasing colorful surfboards, often paired with ocean waves or palm trees, are common.

Palm Trees and Tropical Plants

Designs featuring palm trees, pineapple prints, hibiscus flowers, and other tropical greenery lend a sunny, exotic vibe. These prints transport you to an island paradise.

Sand and Driftwood

For more neutral palettes, designs featuring sand, seashells, and driftwood create beachy style with softer tones. Shell prints and sun-bleached wood designs are pretty and peaceful.

Beachy Phrases

Some surfer curtain designs incorporate beachy text and phrases like “Aloha”, “Surf’s Up”, or “Sea You Soon”. These quirky prints add personality to any space.

Map Prints

Surfer curtain designs may showcase maps of popular surf spots, coastlines or islands. These make fun additions to beach houses or vacations rentals.

Sunsets and Sunrises

Warm sunset and sunrise shades are used in some designs to mimic the colors of ocean sunsets. These rich hues can provide depth and dimension.

Where to Use Surfer Curtains

Surfer curtains are versatile enough to use in many rooms throughout your home:

Living Spaces

Use them alone or pair them with complementary solid curtains for more light control.


The casual charm of surfer curtains offsets sleek, modern kitchens. For privacy, use them alongside coordinating caf-style curtains.


In bedrooms, surfer curtains create a cheerful, vacation ambiance. They’re especially perfect for kids’ rooms and guest rooms.


Surfer curtains provide privacy in bathrooms while contributing fun style. Use them alone or pair them with coordinating shower curtains.

Hallways and Staircases

Hang coordinated surfer curtains in hallways, on staircases or in doorways to soften and brighten these transitional spaces.

Home Offices and Studios

In creative spaces, breezy surfer curtains filter natural light while adding laidback style. Their energy and cheer stimulates creativity.

Outdoor Spaces

Many surfer curtain fabrics are fade and weather resistant, making them suitable for covered patios and porches.

Choosing the Right Surfer Curtains

  • Scale – Make sure curtains are proportionate to the window size. Oversized prints can overwhelm a small window.
  • Length – For privacy, surfer curtains should reach the floor. For smaller windows, sill or cafe length curtains work.
  • Fabric – Linen and cotton blends work well to provide privacy while allowing light through. Avoid sheer see-through fabrics.
  • Liner – Use blackout or light-blocking liners on surfer curtains in bedrooms for darkening capabilities.
  • Color – Cool tones like blues, greens and teals evoke water. Warm tones like peach or yellow create bright, sunny vibes. Neutrals work anywhere.
  • Texture – Look for textured fabrics like seersucker for added visual interest and light filtration.
  • Pattern Scale – Smaller, more dispersed prints recede visually. Larger scale bold prints stand out more. Find the right balance for the room.
  • Combining – Pair printed surfer curtains with solids or subtle geometric designs for an eclectic layered look.
  • Location – South facing rooms get more light – opt for lighter filtering fabrics. North facing rooms need illumination – use brighter colors and fun prints.

Hanging Options

Surfer curtains can be hung in a few different ways:

Rod Pocket

The most common method is using a rod pocket top that slides easily onto a curtain rod. This allows smooth opening and closing.


Grommets fitted across the top of curtains slide onto rods and stack neatly when opened. They have a bold, modern look.

Back Tabs

Back tabs spaced across the top have holes to thread onto curtain rings on a rod for smooth hanging.

Clip Rings

Clip rings that attach to the top edge can clip directly onto rods for quick installation and removal.

Tie-top Curtains

Tie-top surfer curtains have strings or tassels at the top to tie onto rods or hooks. This is a relaxed look.

Surfer Curtain Sets

For a coordinated look, choose surfer curtains that come in sets with matching or complementary designs. Typical pairings include:

  • Window panels with matching valances
  • Lined panels with corresponding unlined tier curtains
  • Solid curtains paired with printed ones
  • Contrasting print designs in coordinating color palettes

Mix and match to create the right beachy vibe for your rooms!

Care and Maintenance

To keep surfer curtains looking their best:

  • Vacuum gently with a brush attachment to remove dust and debris.
  • Spot clean stains immediately with a light detergent and damp sponge. Avoid heavy scrubbing.
  • Machine or hand wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Line dry or dry on low heat.
  • Iron on low if needed, but avoid heavy starching which can affect the drape.
  • Take down and dry clean occasionally to remove deeper buildup or odors.

Proper care keeps surfer curtains looking crisp, fresh and vibrant for many years!

DIY Surfer Curtain Ideas

Want to make your own custom surfer curtains? Here are some fun DIY ideas:

Fabric Painting

Paint your own surfboard, wave, or palm tree designs using fabric paints. Stencils can help guide your creativity.


Use carved stamps or sponges to print repeating patterns like seashells, fish, or flowers onto plain curtains.


Cut out stencils from cardstock to create patterns. Apply fabric paint using a stencil brush for crisp lines.


Decorate curtains with decoupage using napkins, tissue paper, or scrapbook paper with coastal designs. Layer and seal with varnish.

Applique and Patchwork

Sew on beach-themed fabric appliques like surfboards, suns, or flowers using a zigzag or satin stitch. Or piece together patchwork.

Photo Transfers

Print out photos of beaches, oceans, or summer fun using transfer paper, and iron images onto curtains for custom prints.


Create ombre effects by dabbing on bleach and letting it spread into light colored cotton fabrics. Rinsing stops the spread.

Ready-Made Surfer Curtains

For those short on time, there are lots of ready-made surfer curtain options to choose from. Here are some top places to shop:

Big Retailers

Major stores like Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond carry a range of printed surfer curtain panels, valances and tie-tops. This is a budget-friendly option.

Home Decor Stores

At stores like World Market or HomeGoods browse fun coastal themed curtains at low prices. Selection varies but discounts are plentiful.

Online Shops

Etsy sellers and sites like Society6 have tons of unique surfer curtain designs. Custom sizing and fabrics are sometimes available too.

Coastal Decor Brands

Brands like The Beach House, Island Currents, and Islander sell high quality surfer curtains in coastal designs. Shop their collections for many choices.

Surf Shops

Surf shops like Surfside Sports, Surf Stitch, or Boardriders Inc. offer curtains featuring branded surf graphics, logos and imagery. Support the surf community!

Surfer Curtain Ideas

Here are some inspiring ways to use surfer curtains throughout your home:

  • A bedroom with light blue surfer curtains with white trim and accents for a peaceful seaside feel. Add driftwood nightstands and a gallery wall with framed beach prints.
  • The living room of a beach house with neutral toned surfer curtains featuring a large palm frond print. Incorporate rattan furniture, jute rugs, and potted palm trees.
  • A surfer-themed bedroom with bright printed panels decorated with surfboards, waves, and bold neon tropical flowers. Accessorize with a surfboard bookcase, shell pillows, and retro surf art.
  • A breezy kitchen with grommet paneled surfer curtains in aqua and white. Display woven baskets, ceramic starfish knobs, and white dishes for a coastal cottage vibe.
  • A kids’ room with playful surfer curtains printed with surfing dogs, tropical fish, and waves. Use alongside furniture painted sea blue and include beach toys.
  • Sheer white tie-top surfer curtains gracing the windows of a porch or sunroom. Add rattan seating with blue and white cushions and a driftwood coffee table.


Are surfer curtains only for beach houses?

While especially suited for coastal decors, surfer curtains can work in any room where you want to infuse artful, beachy style. Their casual vibe suits urban apartments, rustic cabins, eclectic homes and more.

Do surfer curtains block light?

It depends on the fabric – lighter weight linen or cotton blends will filter light while still providing privacy. For maximum light blocking, use surfer print curtains with blackout curtain liners.

How do you hang surfer curtains?

Others may have grommets, ties, or back tabs for hanging. Install rods securely before hanging surfer curtains.

How do you care for surfer curtains?

Follow the fabric washing instructions but generally surfer curtains should be washed in cold water and allowed to air dry. Steam or iron very gently if needed. Vacuum occasionally with a soft brush. Spot clean stains quickly with mild detergent.

Where can I buy affordable surfer curtains?

Big box stores like Target and Walmart offer budget-friendly surfer curtains starting around $20-30 for single panels. Watch for sales and check discount home stores like HomeGoods and Marshall’s for even lower prices.


With their casual vibe, breezy fabrics, and beachy prints, it’s easy to see why surfer curtains are the perfect way to infuse laidback coastal style into any space.

Allowing sunlight while providing privacy, these fun curtains come in tons of summery designs from surfboards to palm trees. They’re easy to hang, care for, and coordinate with your existing nautical decor pieces.

Surfer curtains instantly transport you seaside, making them ideal for beach homes but also great for adding character to bedrooms, living spaces, and more. With so many colors, prints and textures to choose from, you can find the perfect surfer curtains to brighten up your windows with sunshine and surf!

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