How to Surf in CS:GO

Surfing is a unique community-made game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) that involves gliding across customizable maps using precise mouse movements. Despite not being an “official” game type, surfing has amassed its own large following for providing endless hours of relaxing yet challenging gameplay. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get started surfing in CS:GO.

Downloading Surf Maps

First, you’ll need surf maps to play on. Popular websites like GameBanana host surf map downloads. Look for files with “.bsp” extensions. Place maps in your “csgo/maps” folder to access in-game.

Popular Surf Maps

Some classic maps to try include “Kreedz”, “Duffman”, “Inf”, “Surf_Brownie” and “Surf_Simplicity”. Endless variations exist across difficulties.

Surfing Basics

The goal is to navigate obstacle courses as fast as possible using air strafing—moving sideways in air with A/D while maintaining momentum. Reach the end to advance to next stage.


Spacebar jumps, mouse movement controls aerial steering. Use W to go faster and S/mouse2 to slowdown turns. Practice sliding on edges for tight maneuvers.

Game Settings

Optimize controls in Options. Set “+jump” to toggle, noclip to “3”, max speed to 500. Enable “sv_airaccelerate 100” and “sv_friction 5” in console to smooth out movement.

Basic Techniques

Mastering essential surfs like straight awps, scrapes and 180s are key. Learn to string techniques seamlessly across gaps and around corners. Find fastest routes with minimal speedloss.

Advanced Techniques

Take it next level with 360s, butterfly taps and perfect spins. String advanced line skills together flawlessly for max speed.

Surf Etiquette

be respectful of other players. Don’t intentionally bump people off routes. Wait turns patiently in queue. Follow server rules and flex your manners!

Surf Servers

Join dedicated surf hubs for best experiences. Look for low ping sites packed with regular players. Some top servers include “”, “Grind Surf” and “Spaceway Surf”.

Surf Competitions

See who’s fastest by duking it out in ranked matchmaking-style surf maps. Work your way up leaderboards! Major surf events host cash prizes.

Key Surfing Techniques

Straight surfsGliding smoothly on flat surfaces
ScrapesBrief taps against edges to redirect
180sSpinning mid-air to reverse direction
ButterfliesTwo taps performed in opposite directions
Perfect spinsFull 360 degree rotations
Zipline skipsPrecision taps to bypass checkpoints

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get better at surfing?

Practice techniques constantly on simple maps first before advancing. Watch tutorials/POVs from great surfers for tips.

Which surf servers have welcoming communities?

Communities on surf servers like Surfhub, Anthropic and ArchivePS are very friendly to new players.

Are there surfing clans/teams?

Yes, top players form competitive surf clans that enter sponsored events and LAN tournaments.


Surfing adds endless chilled out gameplay beyond traditional Counter-Strike modes. With dedication to mastering maneuvers on ever more advanced maps, it can become a highly skilled passion. Whether you want to casually unwind surfing or sweat competitively, the community remains thriving in CS:GO.

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