Efficient Ways to Remove Subway Surfers from Your Device

Subway Surfers is a fun endless runner game but can take up space over time. This guide covers effective methods to uninstall and fully remove it from your phone or tablet.

Uninstall from Application Menu

Go to Settings > Apps and find Subway Surfers. Tap Uninstall to remove its files and data.

Simple Way for Most Devices

Easily purge game and reclaim storage through standard app removal process.

Use App Management Features

OxygenOS, MIUI, and other skins have dedicated app trash features. Drag Subway Surfers to bin for complete deletion.

Handy Trash Functions Speed Uninstalls

Eliminates residuals left behind with basic uninstall on some platforms.

Reset Device to Factory Settings

For thorough scrub, do a reset to remove all content and return device to ‘out-of-box’ state, including Subway Surfers.

Ensures Full Removal But Impacts All Data

Only chose this after backup if uninstall alone doesn’t work.

Delete App Data Manually

Browser app storage directories to delete leftover config files, caches, prefs not removed by uninstall.

Technical Approach for Stubborn Cases

May require access to root/internal storage depending on device.

Use App Cleaner Tools

Apps like Clean Master locate residual files from uninstalled apps to scrub for complete deletion.

Automatic Deep Cleaning

Some even work without root for convenient all-in-one removal.

Clear Internet Cache/History

Cookies and other browsers data may auto-load deleted games. Clear these as well.

Remove Any Traces on the Device

Ensures Subway Surfers won’t auto-reinstall from backed-up app data.

Subway Surfers Uninstall on Popular Devices

DeviceUninstall Method
AndroidUse App info menu or app cleaner
iOSTap and hold app icon until it wiggles, then tap ‘x’
WindowsUse Control Panel or Powershell to remove

Frequently Asked Questions

Subway Surfers keeps redownloading. Why?

Check for leftover data or corrupted app caches triggering reinstalls.

Game data won’t delete. Am I stuck with it?

Switch to app data folder may help bypass storage permission blocks.

Uninstalled but icon still shows. What gives?

Reboot device as a cache can cause ‘phantom’ icons after removal.


By thoroughly understanding your device’s standard uninstall processes as well as deeper troubleshooting methods, it’s possible to fully purge Subway Surfers and reclaim valuable storage for new apps, media or more without any leftover game data potentially retriggering it.

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