Mastering Surf in Pokemon Brick Bronze

Surf is one of the most powerful water-type moves in Pokemon Brick Bronze. This guide covers how to obtain, utilize and maximize Surf both in and out of combat.

Learning Surf

Surf is taught by the HM Teacher in Littleroot Town for 5000 Pokedollars after obtaining the first badge. It can only be learned by water-type Pokémon.

Compatible Pokémon

Fishing early yields Pokémon like Mudkip, Totodile and Corphish that can learn Surf. Later options are Kingdra and Gyarados.

Using Surf Out of Battle

Surf allows crossing water routes like the one south of Petalburg. It’s required to access islands, caves and unlock later areas of the map.

Fast Travel Benefits

Once HMs are learned, Surfing cuts travel times significantly vs walking lengthy coastlines.

Surf in Combat

As a water-type attack, Surf provides strong neutral coverage against many types. Its power makes it a great grinding move.

Accuracy Concerns

Like in the core games, Surf misses more indoors but still holds value as a leveled water attack.

Good Candidates to Learn Surf

Kingdra, Gyarados, Ludicolo and Lanturn handle stat deficiencies better than unevolved users due to higher Special Attack.

Alternatives if Evolving

Totodile occupies the slot until Feraligatr while fishing yields temporary substitutes like Corphish.

Combining Surf with Other Moves

Adding a grass, electric or ice attack provides neutral coverage. Status moves aid longer survivability.

Consider Tapu Fini

A late-game fairy/water capture learns Surf and offers unique defensive synergy on teams.

Managing TMs and HMs

Water types have limited move slots, so use Surf and retain useful damage TMs while phasing out redundant water or HMs like Cut.

Forgetting Alternate HMs

You may discard earlier HMs like Waterfall to make room for Surf on a primary surfer.

Post-Game PvE Uses

Surf remains accurate and powerful against Legendary Birds and post-plots. Elite 4 Water types are also weak to it.

League Battles

Its speed and neutral damage shine against varied weather and totem teams there.

Example Competitive Surf Teams

Ludicolo50Surf, Giga Drain, Ice Beam, Fake Out
Gyarados50Surf, Thunder Wave, Ice Fang, Dragon Dance
Lanturn50Surf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Calm Mind


Can other types learn Surf?

No, Surf is water-exclusive in Brick Bronze like the official games.

What level should I teach it?

Around 30-40 when it gets accurate and strong without being too late in the game.

How do I delete HMs?

You can’t permanently forget HMs, but they can be replaced by relearning moves at the Move Reminder.


Surf offers incredible early to late-game mobility and coverage in Brick Bronze. With strategic use on bulkier water-types, it remains a staple move from the mid-game onward across various PvE and PvP challenges the game presents.

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